Experience of use NicoZero

Roger (Manchester) quits smoking with NicoZero

I started smoking at school without hesitation. And over time, it has grown into my bad habit. At first, he hid it from his parents, and when he moved, he confessed. After many years, I had to listen to how harmful it is, how it worsens the condition of teeth, nails and skin, affects efficiency, life expectancy, and so on.

It's harder to quit than to start

Roger smoked for 8 years

I understood all this myself. And I'd love to quit, but how? Whenever there was an ordeal and it lasted for a month or two, then I gave up and picked up a cigarette again. In addition, my girlfriend also smoked and I seemed to see myself from the outside. It was uncomfortable.

Mom kept sliding, then plasters, then chewing gum, then some tablets. Their use has no effect, but they cost a lot. Usually, when NicoZero offered me a spray, it just irritated me. But mom, there's mom! At first I decided to use it for a show, but then I changed my mind.

NicoZero has helped you gradually quit smoking

It wasn’t hard to figure out how to use it: spray the anti-smoking drug in your mouth if you want to smoke. It's really not hard, is it? In addition, it is always convenient to keep a small bottle with you and use it in transport and at work.

On the first day, I smoked two fewer cigarettes than usual. I decided to continue and smoke at least one cigarette less than the day before. The first week didn’t go very well, yet I reduced my daily requirement by five cigarettes.

Experience has shown that the spray actually blocked the urge to smoke, and I preferred to smoke out of my habit to take a break from my normal activities. But after the first week, I believed it was possible to quit. He invited his girlfriend to throw it together, but he was all right.

At first I used NicoZero spray often, and when the bottle was half empty, it turned out that it could only be ordered through the website. I was worried that there might not be enough spray before shipping. Ordered immediately. But I was worried in vain. Four days later, I received a package at home and prepaid with a card without paying. The standard of service is excellent. And most importantly, there is a guarantee.

In the second week, the process of quitting cigarettes became easier. I had already forgotten to smoke, it happened, but colleagues and friends kept reminding me of that. People who smoked started to irritate me and now I could smell cigarettes everywhere. The world seemed saturated with it.

New life - new habits

Quitting smoking resulted in a healthy relationship

And in the middle of the third week, I just took and discarded the pack of cigarettes I started. And I haven't lit a cigarette since. And there is no desire. Now I see a significant difference.

First of all, I feel better, I have colds less often. The feelings of flavors and smells changed, as if I had additional senses. And most importantly, social nails alone have changed for those who insist on a healthy lifestyle. Anyway, the girl is new too, we run and hike together. Now I understand that fresh breath, white teeth, supple skin, shiny nails and hair are much more pleasant than smoking. Plus, I now save a lot of money on cigarettes I can spend on travel.

So if you do decide to quit smoking, NicoZero is sure to work. Few can exit on their own, and the fund review is in favor of NicoZero alone. My experience without cigarettes has been 7 months. And if the price is confusing, estimate how much money you spend per month on smoking. I definitely recommend it! Some plus!